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Getting Healthy, Naturally

Many of Your Health Problems can be solved with Natural Medicine!

We want you feeling good again! Naturally!

Prof. Dr. Dana Flavin, MD is one of the top integrative Cancer doctors in the world. 

She has been researching for over 40 years and studied with 5 doctoral disciplines--Chemistry, Pharmacology, Toxicology, Biochemistry and Medicine, as well as becoming a ND--Naturopathic doctor, out of academic curiosity. Dr. Flavin has reversed many kinds of cancers, in all stages, in patients around the world, without the use of chemotherapy.


With 58 semesters of education, and having read 150 to 200 articles a week since 1979, her goals are to continue to save lives and get information out to her colleagues, so they know what and why she gives what she gives, to her patients. This is why she started her non-profit, The Foundation for Collaborative Medicine and Research.



















In America, Dr. Flavin was the top Toxicologist at the FDA, and an adviser to the NCI (National Cancer Institute) for decades.  She continues to consult with colleagues internationally on complicated cancer cases as well as other diseases. 


Dr. Flavin is working to get her book out--her life's work on Cancer. This has taken some time.

She wants everyone to have access to the information they need to heal their cancers, In addition,

she has written books on Helping Yourself with Neurological Diseases, Arthritis, Diabetes and more.  


Dr. Flavin is currently a professor at Marconi University in Italy.  


Use of Dr. Flavin: Info in the public domain. 

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Meet Dr. Dana Flavin

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